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Tips To Improve Your Sleeping Habits

Sleeping habits that will negatively affect your productivity level and health need to be adjusted immediately. Due to modern innovation and distractions, it has become a norm, especially among young individuals to be depriving themselves of their resting period. This is often compromised with their work or unnecessary surfing the internet.

1) Try to stay away from social media and the internet during your bedtime.

When you see yourself checking your phone frequently from morning until night (even past bedtime), then there is a really big problem that needs utmost urgency.

We often assume that if we aren’t on our phone 24/7, there might be an important call, email or message that will need our utmost attention. Whereas, it’s really ironic that most of the time, we get no call or message that could have warranted the unnecessary staring or scrolling on our phone.

In short, stay away from the Internet or social media once your bedtime is approaching. Frankly, whatever it might be that will be a hindrance to your sleep can wait. Work can wait which is why most times you already have a specific work time (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM). Don’t compromise your rest period or sleeping habits with any work related distractions.

Better still, have a scheduled time frame that you will be spending on the internet. This won’t only reduce the addiction to the phone but also discard you from spending quality time only on the net. In fact, you need to stay true to your sleeping schedule or routine. Remember, your health and life come first.

Compromising On Your Sleep

2) Avoid worrying and overthinking especially in the night.

Emulate the habit of meditating. Create time during your everyday life to calmly reflect. This has more to do with deliberate living instead of getting worked up over unnecessary issues that you have control over. Trust me, I worry less lately because it got to a point I will just be feeding my mind with the tension of things that will fix themselves with time.

Start by understanding that everything is within your control and power. Take hold of your thoughts by staying true to yourself. You need not strain your heart and mind over issues that will negatively impact your health including your sleeping habits.

Worrying and overthinking are elements of fear. So, why not challenge (it) by setting ways to find solutions to your worries. And if eventually, they prove unsolvable, come to terms with it and prepare yourself for unforeseen circumstances.

Detach yourself from any unnecessary worry and decide to choose a happy life.

3) Try to avoid sleeping in the afternoon.

In all honesty, this can be very hard especially days where you feel very tired. However, you will agree with me that this only contributes to your lack of sleep in the night if you take a nap in the afternoon.

Personally, the moment I drift off in the afternoon regardless of how short it might be, I find it extremely hard to sleep during the night. Thus, having understood my body system, I try as much as possible not to exhaust myself way too deep. So, napping in the afternoon wouldn’t become a “Habit”.

In fact, most of my afternoons are always occupied with engaging activities. For instance, if I am not at work doing market research then I will be on a blog educating myself on the current issues. Oh, I love reading books as well or even writing too (Drafts can be quite handy especially for bloggers).

Anyways, all in all, monitor your body system and do the right thing at the right time.

Hopefully, you have benefited from this post.